Hola, world!

I'm proud to have helped start the OpenStack open source project in 2010, which is now one of the 3 most actively developed open source projects in world alongside the Linux Kernel and Chromium. I founded the OpenStack Foundation (OSF) in 2012 and serve as COO. The OSF now has over 100,000 members in 187 countries.

For fun I love to spend time in Austin, making (or just eating) BBQ, wakesurfing on Lake Austin, and practicing meditation. When I'm not in Austin I love to travel and and usually post trip pics to my instagram and am active on twitter.

I'm also an occassional angel investor and start up advisor, and have invested in Big Frame (acquired by Dreamworks), Genome Compiler (acquired by Twist Bioscience), Polymorph (acquired by Walmart), Orion Labs, Rachio, and Zymergen.

A few keynotes I've given:

I usually go by "sparkycollier" on the interwebs, which is my way of honoring my late, great, Great Dane "Sparky"